Dating and meetings reinvented

Why traditional dating sites never speak of those with whom you live or the places you like to know? is more than a dating site! It is a place where share, discover and share resources. All in a friendly environment and the emphasis is on group meeting. If an interesting meeting follows, then all the better!

Not just for singles

 Find Activities with people with our interests and préférèrences is not easy at the start. This is even more diffiicle when dial with guard schedules, children with special needs or simply tastes that are less common. Planiscope on, you can also register as a family and enjoy the discussions and extensive resource directory increasingly complete with input from members.

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Socializing at the grocery store? No. But…

This is often the chance that will lead the meetings. But often the gene or do not know the interests of the other will be a drag. Even in a group of activie even family, if you already know the common interests of other participants, it is a door already entreouverte. [/ Kleo_lead_paragraph]

The sytem keeps up and easily find the already shared by other members elements. Unlike other social networks, it’s easy to find something interesting you’ve seen go there 3 months. In addition, the directory allows you to find a host of places, website and other resources.

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Find activities and ressources with the directory

Planiscope The directory is designed to help you find places, activities and resources according to your interests and needs. Do not hesitate to share your secrets!

Planiscope en version Beta est toujours en cours de développement. Vous avez trouvé un problème, ou avez une suggestion pour améliorez le site? On veut le savoir!

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